Airlite technology works with nature to create cleaner air, watch the video to discover how it works.

Airlite technology harnesses the power of light to reduce air pollution. Find out how in this video.


Imagine transforming your walls into an air purifier that only needs light to be activated. No noise, no electricity consumption, no maintenance, no side effects, it just keeps on working.

How it works…

This is all possible due to the patented formulation of Airlite. It generates an oxidisation reaction with which the contaminants present in the air are neutralised

To protect you…

Moreover, thanks to its unique technology, it creates & maintains fresh, healthy environments without having to use air filtration systems, thus reducing energy consumption and emissions of CO2, the major cause of the greenhouse effect.


It reduces air pollutants by up to 88%

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It completely eliminates bacteria, mould and odours.

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It prevents dirt from sticking to the wall.

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It reduces by between 15 to 50% the electricity required for air cooling.

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Let your home breathe with Airlite

Airlite the paint that cleans the air. The unique antipollution technology, purifying the air of harmful substances, eliminating viruses, bacteria, spores and mould.
Neutralises odours and prevents dirt from sticking to the surface, making environments more hygienic and comfortable.