Airlite technology was born from the desire to create an innovative solution capable of fighting air pollution and actively improving the living comfort inside buildings.

After years of studies and researches in the field of photosensitivity to understand how to create a product capable of purifying environments without the use of energy and high maintenance costs, Massimo Bernardoni, today Co-Founder of AM Technology together with the entrepreneur Antonio Cianci, discovered that he could achieve it thanks to an ecological paint capable of transforming the walls of houses, offices, hospitals and schools into large natural air purifiers.

Thus was born the first revolutionary 100% green paint for interiors and exteriors capable of cleaning the air from pollutants such as smog (a square metre painted with Airlite eliminates 0.069 g of nitrogen oxides every 12 hours) and improving the health of the Planet and its inhabitants in a natural way, simply thanks to the light.

” the first revolutionary 100% green interior and exterior paint capable of cleaning the air of pollutants such as smog and improving the health of the Planet “

Today, and alway, our mission is to win one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time: to counteract the phenomenon of atmospheric pollution that contributes to the increase of CO2 and global warming, with an innovative, ecological and eco-sustainable solution that safeguards the environment, protects the planet’s resources and people’s health.

A mineral paint with a very low environmental impact, from production to waste disposal, produced in a state-of-the-art Swiss plant that uses only energy from 100% renewable sources and is made up of 40% recycled raw materials.

Using Airlite means making a responsible and sustainable energy, already successfully adopted by many individuals and businesses.

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