Airlite is an innovative technology inserted inside a mineral paint created to purify the air we breathe both for the indoor environments such as homes, offices, shops, schools, hospitals and public spaces, and for the outdoor ones such as civil and commercial buildings, infrastructures, tunnels and car parks. Its application on surfaces reduces pollutants in the air, eliminates harmful pathogens, fights bad odors and blocks the formation and development of viruses and bacteria.

Airlite reduces both the pollutants derived from combustion and those of a biological nature when they are already present in the atmosphere. Its mechanism is based on the natural production of negative ions. Airlite uses the energy of light to generate a small concentration of electrons on the surface on which it is applied. These electrons interact with water and oxygen present in the air to generate negative ions. The mechanism by which they are produced by Airlite is the same as that occurs during a storm, when the negative electrical charges clean the air, making it fresher. When the air comes into contact with the wall on which Airlite is applied, the ions present near the surface interact with the polluting molecules and transform them into water-soluble, invisible and harmless mineral salts.

Airlite affects both pollutants that are bad for our health, and those that cause the greenhouse effect. Regarding chemical pollutants, Airlite affects nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides.

Regarding organic pollutants, Airlite affects viruses, bacteria, moulds, and VOCs. Finally, as far as physical pollutants are concerned, Airlite affects fine and extra-fine particles. Airlite also contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide responsible for the greenhouse effect.

Airlite reduces the ozone concentration indirectly. Ozone is a typical secondary pollutant that forms in the atmosphere as a result of photochemical reactions involving precursor pollutants produced by combustion processes, such as NOx. Airlite is extremely effective because by reducing the concentration of NOx, one of the main precursors, it also reduces the formation of ozone.

Airlite eliminates nitrogen dioxide by oxidation and transformation into water-soluble nitrates and nitrites that are temporarily deposited on the surface. Being water-soluble, they are eliminated by rainwater in outdoor applications, and reduced by the humidity present in the air in indoor applications. The concentrations of nitrogen dioxide in the air are of the order of parts per billion, so the amount of nitrates and nitrites is very low, so as not to be a problem for the washed out waters. The concentrations are actually lower than those present in commercial mineral waters. The reduction of this pollutant is over 80% in the laboratory and 50% in the real environment (case measured in a road tunnel).

Airlite reduces sulfur dioxide by oxidation. The sulfur dioxide is oxidized and immediately “absorbed” by the alkaline surface of Airlite. The result is the formation of calcium sulphate, commonly known as gypsum, which is not a problem for the environment. Concentrations are very low, in the order of parts per billion. For this reason it is not possible to notice a visible presence on the surface, even after more than 500 years of use.

Airlite is very effective in reducing the concentration of VOCs in the air. Volatile organic compounds are made up of over three hundred chemical compounds, the most common of which are formaldehyde, benzene and toluene. Airlite, activated simply with the light, degrades the organic molecules that make up VOCs, transforming them into inert substances that are not dangerous to health, and thus making the environment healthier.

Airlite reduces the concentrations of fine dust indirectly, lowering the concentration of precursor pollutants present in the atmosphere and helping to prevent their formation.

Airlite eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria present on the surface. Bacteria are eliminated by the double action of surface oxidation and the high alkalinity of the surface which, combined, prevent bacteria from surviving. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the total bacterial load in any environment, making it possible to achieve high environmental health, combined with greater well-being and living comfort.

Airlite eliminates the molecules that carry unpleasant odors at the root, oxidizing them, without covering them and without emitting additional toxic substances such as normal air fresheners.

Airlite is very effective in preventing dirt from settling on the walls. On the one hand, the action of Airlite decomposes the oily substances deposited on the surface, preventing dust and sand from adhering to the wall. On the other hand, it creates a thin surface layer of water (thanks to a property called hydrophilicity), which prevents dust and other particles from settling on the surface, causing them to drop off. In this way there are no stains and halos caused by dust, thus creating a “clean finish”.

Yes, Airlite is capable of neutralizing viruses, as certified by independent tests conducted in the UK, Italy and China. Airlite also eliminates Sars-CoV 2 from all surfaces on which it is applied up to 90% in just 15 minutes. Airlite has also been tested against two other viruses: Influenza A virus H1N1 and Enterovirus71 (EN71).

Yes, Airlite paint eliminates and prevents moulds. Thanks to its natural properties, it transforms the walls of the house into an inhospitable environment for the growth of moulds and microbes that can cause allergies, itching, headaches, fatigue, cough, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Yes, Arilite is self-cleaning because repels dust and dirt. On the one hand, it decomposes the oily substances deposited on the surface, preventing dust and sand from adhering to the wall. On the other hand, it creates a thin surface layer of water (thanks to a property called hydrophilicity), which prevents dust and other particles from settling on the surface, causing them to drop off. In this way, Airlite creates an invisible protective film that prevents dirt and dust in the air from settling on the surfaces.

The European Union (European Directive 2004/42/EC) has defined the maximum limits of VOC that may be present in paints, respectively in 30 grams per litre for interior paints and in 40 grams per litre for exterior paints. Airlite products have a VOC value of less than 0.1 grams per litre, the lowest value in the world among all paints on the market, more than 100 times lower than the limits indicated by the European Union. Furthermore, Airlite has the lowest VOC emission content on the market, less than 0.2 micrograms/m3, 500 times lower (practically zero, below the measurement limit of the devices).

Airlite reflects the warm component of sunlight, preventing excessive heat from passing through. Especially in summer and in hot climates, this allows for cooler environments in a natural way, with a saving of electricity for air conditioning between 15 and 30%.

Paint and Application

Airlite paint is available white and in different colours. Here you can discover all 180 shades of our palette and download the colour chart.

You can find here most of the certifications obtained by Airlite. If you want to receive more information, please contact us.

Airlite is applied like a normal paint, with roller, brush or in airless spray mode.

The wall must be intact and clean, free of dust and grease, like a traditional paint. The Airlite application cycle requires a first coat of Airlite Base and a second finishing coat of Airlite Interior/Exterior. Most traditional paints generally need a lot more coats. Follow our tutorial and find out more about how to apply Airlite.

Airlite can be applied at a temperature between 5°C and 35°C with brush, roller or airless*. Airlite paint dries completely in about 3 hours after application to the surface (+20°C, 65% humidity). At low temperature and/or high humidity, drying can take longer. For outdoor applications, after one month of application, the paint can withstand any temperature.


*For application with airless spray gun use a nozzle type 427-429 and a pressure of approx. 100/140 bar.

Airlite can be applied to almost all architectural surfaces, whether newly built or already painted. The only real exception is glass.

Being cement based, we guarantee the best results for applying Airlite to concrete surfaces or dry stone walls. However, it is possible to apply Airlite to metal surfaces as long as the surfaces are treated with a good epoxy primer.

Being cement based, we guarantee the best results for application on concrete surfaces or dry stone walls. However, it is possible to apply Airlite to wood surfaces as long as the surfaces are treated with a good wood primer.

Yes, thanks to its solar reflectance properties, Airlite is also suitable for application on the roofs of buildings placed in warm and sunny environments. In this way it keeps the rooms cooler (Airlite Exterior has a high SRI index of 108-112) and saves energy, reducing air conditioning costs by up to 30% during the summer.


Airlite is a mineral paint for indoor and outdoor, inorganic and with high breathability, made up of 40% raw materials obtained from high quality recycled materials, in line with the principles of the Circular Economy. It comes in the form of powder to be diluted with water and guarantees excellent coverage and long life. Its technology is recommended by the decree of the Ministry of Environment of April 1, 2004, “Guidelines for the use of innovative systems in environmental impact assessments (Official Gazette no. 84 of April 9, 2004) – Innovative systems and technologies for the mitigation and abatement of environmental pollution.”

Airlite is produced in Switzerland in a fully automated plant that operates in conditions of maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact, powered by 100% renewable energy sources. We have also obtained EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification, the international system that defines the environmental impact of a product in its life cycle with optimal results.

Airlite is a mineral powder paint and does not contain petroleum-derived additives. The only additive is water, which must be added to the Airlite powder to prepare the paint. Airlite’s binder is also mineral.

Maintenance and Warranty

The shelf life of Airlite products, if stored appropriately, closed in their original packaging, is 1 year. For optimal durability, Airlite Interior and Exterior should be stored in a dry place at a temperature above 5°C. For further details, please refer to the technical data sheets.

The efficiency of the Airlite properties is guaranteed for 10 years. As long as there is light and humidity in the air, the benefits of Airlite will always be active. On the other hand, the mechanical duration of the paint is different, which strictly depends on the substrate and the natural life of the paint.

Airlite Interior and Airlite Exterior are not washable products, so we do not recommend regular cleaning of surfaces coated with Airlite. If you need a washable surface, you can apply Airlite Ioniqa, our antibacterial varnish.

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